We tried Dunkin’s new line of alcoholic coffees and teas so you don't have to

Associate producer Hanna Ali pours Dunkin' Spiked samples for a taste test.
Associate producer Hanna Ali pours Dunkin' Spiked samples for a taste test.

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Someone call the mayor of Dunkin’.

The ubiquitous Massachusetts-based coffee chain has gotten pretty adventurous with its menu in recent years, trying out everything from avocado toast to breakfast tacos to pumpkin spice-flavored Goldfish.

But few things have sparked as much intrigue — and raised as many eyebrows — as Dunkin's recent release of a new line of alcoholic canned iced coffees and iced teas. Coming to groceries stores in 12 states this month, the 12-ounce cans have about as much alcohol as your typical beer or hard cider, plus a little (15-30 mg) of caffeine.

This local newsroom was abuzz. What could a spiked iced coffee taste like? What could a spiked iced coffee from Dunkin' taste like? As reporters, we had to do our research.

So, we gathered a few brave souls from the WBUR newsroom for a taste test. If anyone had optimism about the new drinks, we quickly realized much of it was misplaced.

Here’s what we had to say about all eight flavors of the new Dunkin’ Spiked iced coffees and teas.

Iced Coffees

Regular Iced Coffee

  • “I don’t mind this one. It’s like an iced coffee that somehow has alcohol in it.” — Jacob Garcia, Newsroom Fellow
  • “I would say this one has the strongest coffee flavor … but it still tastes like if you were to buy an iced coffee at Dunkin’ and leave it out for eight hours, then drink it again.” — Amy Sokolow, Associate Producer

Caramel Iced Coffee

  • “It’s like when an apple that’s been dipped in caramel has fermented the wrong way.” — Solon Kelleher, Arts Reporting Fellow
  • “Very syrupy — in a way I find kind of unpleasant.” — Amy
  • “This is unfortunate.” — Sharon Brody, Weekend Edition Anchor

Vanilla Iced Coffee

  • “The finish reminds me of vanilla extract.” — Rudy Dubois, Engineering Operations Assistant
  • “I can see myself drinking this on a night where I don’t have other drinks.” — Marquis Neal, Senior Technical Director for Radio Boston

Mocha Iced Coffee

  • “Tootsie roll water.” — Rudy
  • “I’m getting sadder.” — Jacob

Iced Teas

Slightly Sweet Iced Tea

  • “This is like a hard lemonade. I like it.” — Garo Hagopian, Anchor/Host
  • “This is an Arnold Palmer with a little something extra.” — Solon
  • “Definitely crushable on the beach or like at a barbecue.” — Amy

Half Tea, Half Lemonade

  • “This is like Brisk Iced Tea, but with less presence.” — Rudy
  • “This tastes exactly like the Slightly Sweet.” — Marquis

Strawberry Dragonfruit Iced Tea Refresher

  • “It tastes like a Jolly Rancher. It’s sweet. A little too sweet? But it’s good.” — Jacob
  • “Like a Strawberry Starburst.” — Amy

Mango Pineapple Iced Tea Refresher

  • “Nantucket Nectars. That’s what it reminds me of.” — Rudy
  • “[The color reminds me of] something you’d see in a hospital, or automotive fluid.” — Sharon
  • “These might be tasting better ’cause we’re on number seven.” — Marquis

P.S. — Curious to hear which drinks our reviewers would try again? Head over to TikTok for the full version of the video.

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Hanna Ali Associate Producer
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