Downtown Boston, seen from East Boston's Orient Heights. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

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Let us ease your transition; find the places to make some new pals & memories.

Are you new to Boston? Have you heard that this city can be an unfriendly place? Ha! Who even told you that? No, for real, what's their name; I just wanna talk with them...

The truth is most of us have hearts of gold and are happy to show you around. That's what we'll do with The Newcomer's Field Guide to Boston. This limited series newsletter is your cheat sheet to all things in Greater Boston (we'll explain the "greater," too), designed to ease your transition and help you find the places to make some new pals and memories.

We’ve put together tips, tricks and information from people who actually live here: Our reporters, your neighbors and the occasional historian, economist or expert. With our guides, you’ll be learning, playing, getting around and making new friends in no time. Because yeah, walking the Freedom Trail is fun; being a tourist is fun. But you live here: building connections and digging a little deeper will help you feel at home.

This newsletter is for:

  • New residents who want to stop Googling for all the great things Bostonians already know in their bones.
  • People focused on building lasting relationships in a new city, or re-invigorating life in the place you've lived for years.
  • Folks who want some well-informed tutorials on the region’s politics and history — beyond “the first Thanksgiving” and Paul Revere.
  • Socializers looking for deals. (We're flinty New Englanders, of course we wanna save a little dough if we can. New York and L.A. can keep that bougie glam life.)
  • Anyone who wants to learn about the vibrant neighborhoods and people that collectively form one of America's great cities.

You're a Bostonian now — even, dare we say, a Masshole. Welcome home.
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