Comedian Nicole Byer On Laughing At Yourself And Nailing It21:09


"Nothing is ever good and it all looks wild."

That's what comedian Nicole Byer told late-night host Seth Meyers about the food on her cooking competition show, a Netflix series called "Nailed It!"

Sound crazy? Why would you ever watch a food show like that? Well, disaster is kind of the point of "Nailed It" — where contestants are asked to make Instagram-worthy desserts, and it almost never works out the way the picture suggests.

Byer is just telling it like it is. That's pretty much her M.O. But she's honest that writing comedy isn't always easy for her. She told Vulture,"[i]t's not something that comes natural. I have to sit down and go, 'Nicole, you need to do s—t. You got a mortgage.'"

But for all of the cultural criticism and hot takes surrounding comedy, Byer knows what she loves about it. "Comedy can do so much more than make you laugh," she told Bustle. "But for me, personally, I'm in it for the laughs and the chuckles."

We talked with her about her wonderfully bawdy brand of comedy, and she left us with some quotable gems.

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