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Show rundown for 10/27/2001

This article is more than 17 years old.

Tim Kurkjian

Like the undead, the New York Yankees keep coming back. They are, once again, in the World Series and ESPN's Tim Kurkjian is back to do a bit of gloating (he picked the Yankees all along) and to break down the series between New York and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Short Track Skating

Qualifying matches in short track speed skating began on Thursday and will run through tomorrow in Salt Lake City, marking the first competition at the site of the 2002 Winter games since September 11th. Reporter Beverly Amsler was there and has this report.

Info Break

It's Love-Love for Agassi and Graf in Vegas.

Grizzlies Redux

The city may be new but this statement is not: the Grizzlies are bad. Whether they are in Vancouver or in their new home of Memphis, the NBA's sad sacks are a long way from contending. But Memphians have already fallen for their new team. And, the Grizzlies have responded to the support with some early, albeit pre-season, success.

Leigh Montville

'At The Altar of Speed: The Fast Life and Tragic Death of Dale Earnhardt' is the new book by Leigh Montville. He joins Bill in the studio to discuss the far-reaching impact of probably the most popular star in NASCAR history.


Bill reflects on the inevitability of Yankee victory in October.

Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and "Only A Game" analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: The IOC, The new NBA season (Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan) and Don King wants more dough from Dunkin Donuts.

Earlier Starts, Bigger Payoffs: Part 1

Finally, the more popular women's sports get, the more pressure women athletes will feel to perform from the beginning of their fledgling careers. Part one of our series on women's soccer looks at the girls who play the game and why.

This program aired on October 27, 2001. The audio for this program is not available.

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