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Show rundown for 8/24/200239:13

This article is more than 17 years old.

Ray Ratto

While the players and owners slug it out at the negotiating table, Bill Littlefield talks to San Francisco Chronicle columnist Ray Ratto to see if he thinks if baseball can get its act together.

Fans On Strike

We talk to fans who swear they will never follow the game again if the players strike...just like in 1994, when they stopped watching the game after that strike. Wait a minute...

WUSA Final

The second championship game of the fledgling women's soccer league takes place in Atlanta this weekend. Wendy Parker, who covers the WUSA for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, previews the game between two teams that have gone from worst to first, the Carolina Courage and the Washington Freedom.

WNBA Update

It's more than just the usual suspects in the WNBA finals. Bill Littlefield has the latest update.

Football and Heat

After the death of NFL lineman Korey Stringer from heat stroke last summer, football teams at every level reviewed how they dealt with the effects of practicing in the intense summer heat. Only A Game's Karen Given examines what teams have learned from Stringer's death.

Satan gets the Boot

It makes sense for a High School in Devil's Lake, North Dakota to use the "Satans" as it's mascot, right? Not for the Devil's Lake school board who voted to drop the school's moniker after 25 years of controversy. Bill Littlefield talks to the president of the school board.

Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: baseball's impending strike, college football's first games, and a bizarre fish story.

Meditating Marathoners

Why would someone run around a half block in Queens all day, every day for more than two months? Spiritual satisfaction, of course. Reporter Dave Ungrady reports on the Sri Chinmoy Ultra-Distance Marathon.

This program aired on August 24, 2002.

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