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This article is more than 16 years old.

LeBron Plays Ball

Boston's Reebok Summer Basketball league is where NBA journeymen try to impress teams and rookies try to make a name for themselves. LeBron James, the most heralded rookie ever, doesn't need to do either. But he showed up in Boston anyways and fans packed a tiny arena to get an upclose look at the NBA's "next big thing." Bill was one of those in attendance and has this report.

Tanya Streeter

Tanya Streeter, one of the best freedivers in the world will attempt to break the one record she has never held. "What is freediving?" some may ask. It's diving without a breathing aparatus and yes, it's dangerous. Streeter joins Bill Littlefield from The Turks and Caicos Islands where she will make her attempt.

Yes, Jesus Loves Me

Praise Jesus! Deion will pay no more!

Bill Hamilton

Bill Hamilton, father of Tyler Hamiltion who's currently in fifth in the Tour De France, talks to Bill Littlefield about his son's courageous attempt to win the Tour despite riding with a broken collarbone.


Bill Littlefield breaks out the "Only A Game" Mailbag.

NBA Free Agent Signings and More With Charlie Pierce

"Only A Game" Analyst Charlie Pierce and Bill Littlefield discuss: NBA teams keeping their talent at home, Tiger the duffer, and topknot grabbing.

Homeless World Cup

Last week, the host country took first place in the Homeless World Cup, which took place in Graz, Austria. The tournament, created to help the homeless reintergrate into society and raise public awareness about homelessness, drew teams from 16 countries. The longshot United States team, nicknamed The New Yorkers, fared well against the world's best homeless athletes. WHYY's Ian Chillag has our report.

This program aired on July 19, 2003.

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