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Show rundown for 12/6/200330:14

This article is more than 15 years old.

Saint Joseph's Season

The Hawks of Saint Joseph's University have had plenty to flap about this year. Only four games into the Men's College Basketball season, the team is undefeated. And their star player, senior Jameer Nelson, decided to forgo early entry in the NBA to play out his final year. We'll have a profile of the team.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals, hapless and all but winless for well over a decade, are preparing for this year's postseason. In that spirit, we'll talk with Bengals fan Alec Mulinder, President of the U.K. Chapter of the Cincinnati Bengals Fan Club.

Jagger Avoids the Scrum

A Rugby hero and a rock star share a date with the Queen.

White House Street Hockey

Outdoor roller hockey enthusiasts can have a particularly tough time finding a place to compete. But in Washington, DC one group of players has claimed a prime piece of real estate as their own--a section of Pennsylvania Avenue directly in front of the White House. But, as James Jones of member station WAMU in Washington reports, hockey days at "America's Rink" appear to be numbered.

Horse People

Michael Korda is the Editor-In-Chief of Simon and Schuster. In what leisure he has, he enjoys riding, and in his most recent book, "Horse People," he's explored the various delights of the riding life, including various sporting challenges therein.


Bill Littlefield opens the Only A Game mailbox.

Shana Heavey

This past spring the girl's varsity lacrosse team representing Seattle Preparatory, a small Jesuit school, took the Washington State Championship. And, as John Moe of member station KUOW reports, Seattle Prep is distinguished for another reason as well.

This program aired on December 6, 2003.

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