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Show rundown for 3/13/200436:55

This article is more than 15 years old.

How NCAA Tournaments Are Made

College basketball fans, from the casual and the fervent face-painters, will pay attention to which teams the NCAA men's tournament selection committee will include in the field of 65 this Sunday. Doug Elgin, commissioner of the Missouri Valley Conference and former committee member, gives an insider's look at the process of filling out the brackets of March

Separate Paths, Same Results

Georgetown University established itself as a basketball power by virtue of its appearance in the 1982 NCAA championship game. Two years earlier, cross-town rival Catholic University, the other mid-sized, academically strong catholic college in Washington D.C., had dropped out of Division I and became a Division III school. As producer Richard Paul reports, the different approaches of the two schools over the last 22 years have yielded somewhat similar results.

A Robin's Tale

Birdwatchers in Britain witness nature at its most cruel.

Adam Hyzdu, Part 2

In his first audio journal, 14-year Pro Baseball veteran Adam Hyzdu spoke candidly of how he hoped to crack the Red Sox' 2004 roster. Hyzdu was drafted in the first round by the Giants in 1990, but has never made an opening day major league roster. Part 2 of our series begins with Hyzdu saying goodbye to his family at his Arizona home, before his trip to Fort Myers, Florida and the initial days of training camp.

Cricket on the Subcontinent

Most Americans don't know the difference between a gully and a slip in the world of cricket, but those interested in diplomatic relations between nuclear neighbors India and Pakistan will want to stay tuned because in Karachi, Pakistan, the Indian cricket team plays the first match of the first full tour of Pakistan in 15 years.


Bill Littlefield dips into the Only A Game mailbag.

NHL Violence and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: another criminal in the NHL, more grandstanding over illegal steroids, and terror grips the dog show.

Vin Baker

Bill Littlefield updates the story of Vin Baker, former Celtic, current Knick.

The Lightning Shrikes

A Shrike is a predatory bird that impales its prey on sharp thorns or the spikes of a barbed wire fence... except when a shrike is a member of the Lightning Shrikes, the co-ed softball team in a new novel of the same name by Devon Mihesuah.

This program aired on March 13, 2004.

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