Show rundown for 3/27/2004

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NCAA Mens Basketball Update

Bill Littlefield updates the latest in the NCAA Men's College Basketball tournament.

Anaheim Angels with Bill Plaschke

While much of the country is talking about the Yankees acquisition of A-Rod and the Red Sox coup with Curt, the Angels of Anaheim might be set to render irrelevant those accomplishments. The Los Angeles Times' Bill Plaschke joins us to break up the East Coast bias.

Adam Hyzdu, Part 3

Adam Hyzdu has tried and failed to make a Major League opening day roster... 14 times. Still, he hopes 15's the charm this spring. Though the Red Sox are loaded in the outfield, the recent announcement that right fielder Trot Nixon may be on the injured list well into May has the 32 year old Hyzdu hopeful he can stick with the team. Hyzdu graciously agreed to lug a recorder to Fort Myers, Florida, which is where we catch up with him on the verge of a doubleheader and a visit from his family.

He's No Zippy Chippy

We present Japan's answer to the horse that cant win.

The Second Mark

The circumstances that led to the awarding of two sets of gold medals for pairs figure skating at the Salt Lake City Games figure prominently a new book entitled "The Second Mark."

Buck Weaver

Eight men were banned for life by Major League Baseball for their part in the 1919 Black Sox scandal. Of those eight, Shoeless Joe Jackson is certainly the most well known. Cries of "Say it ain't so, Joe" have echoed down the decades as those convinced of his innocence have made a case for Jackson's reinstatement and induction into the Hall of Fame. But, one of Jackson's 1919 teammates is now the focus of a reinstatement campaign, as Greg Echlin reports.

College Basketball and More With Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and "Only A Game" analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Baseball's imminent return, tattoo cover-ups, and magical staff-wielding money kings.


Bill reaches into the OAG Mailbag... Actually, there isn't an actual mailbag. It's more of a hard drive. And, he doesn't really reach into it. That would probably damage the hard drive and besides, Bill is afraid of computers. In any case, he's not afraid of reading listener's mail no matter what form it takes.

Radical Rick's Race City

On a recent sunny Saturday afternoon, while countless full-sized cars crawled from mall to mall, half a dozen radio-controlled cars stayed indoors, tearing around a carpeted oval in Radical Rick's Race City in Swansea, Massachusetts. Bill Littlefield was on hand to get all the buzz.

This program aired on March 27, 2004.


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