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Tim Kurkjian

Tim Kurkjian of ESPN and ESPN the Magazine joins Bill from Cooperstown, NY to talk Hall of Fame and about the surprising and not-so-surprising teams in the playoff hunt.

A Not So Hot Ticket

They don't fill Jacobs Field like they used to...then again, the Cleveland Indians aren't as good as they used to be. The Jake was sold out a major league record 455 consecutive games in the 1990's but those days are long gone. Bill ponders how the Indians could get that magic back.

Dennis' No-Good Very Bad Day

That'll teach him to work for charity.

Lance's Place in History

On Sunday, Lance Armstrong rode to an unprecedented seventh consecutive Tour De France victory. Though few would argue Armstrong's place in history as the greatest Tour De France rider of all time, there is much debate over which cyclist should be considered the greatest of all time. Sadie Babits was in France for the 2005 tour and she has this report.


Bill pulls a few from the OAG mail sack.

Larry Brown Express and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: the latest stop on the Larry Brown Express, Bob Goodenow's life goals, and a real life Tommy...named Brice.

America's Other Swimmers

As the World Swimming Championships continue in Montreal, the headlines have invariably contained daily news on the sport's biggest celebrity, Michael Phelps. But how many people have noticed the efforts of America's other swimmers?

This program aired on July 30, 2005.