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Show rundown for 11/19/200525:02

This article is more than 13 years old.

Baseball Cracks Down On Speed

Major League Baseball revamped its policy regarding steroid use. Ballplayers now face a lifetime ban if they test positive for performance enhancing drugs for a third time. But what is perhaps more remarkable are the new penalties earmarked for a more pervasive problem in dugouts across the country: Methamphetamine abuse. Bill takes a closer look at Major League Baseball's new solution to an old problem.

Shaun Assael

Bill talks to Shaun Assael of ESPN the Magazine to discuss why Major League Baseball took the first step in getting rid of speed.

Fine The Owners!

Bill then talks to Gwen Knapp of the San Francisco Chronicle who has her own ideas of how to clean up the grand old game.

"Roll with It"

Ever hear of the Negro Basketball League? Of course you haven't.

Crossman on NASCAR

Tomorrow in Florida, the boys of NASCAR will drive fast and turn left for the final time this season. It'll be the last trip around the track for Rusty Wallace, and the end of the last full time season for Ironman Ricky Rudd. But, enough of the old guys. Matt Crossman, who writes about all sports motor-related for The Sporting News, talks with Bill.

The Humpy 500!

Go-carts may not be as fast as race cars, but in Alaska, they are a tradition in themselves. Matt Lichtenstein of station KFSK in Petersburg was present for the 11th Humpy 500 Go-Cart race for kids, and has our report.

Down Under in Arizona

When the NFL's Arizona Cardinals abruptly moved their training camp to Prescott, Arizona, this year, many thought it would be the last time a pro football team would encamp in Flagstaff. But it only took a few months for the AFL's Collingwood Magpies to move onto the practice fields at the Center for High Altitude Training, making them the first Australian football team to train in the US. Arizona Public Radio's Mitch Teich reports.

Amphetamines and More with Charlie Pierce

Charlie Pierce talks with Bill about Rafael Palmero, NASCAR, and off the field feuding in the NFL.

"America on the Ropes"

Wayne A. Rozen has compiled enough cartoons, editorials, and contemporary accounts of the Johnson-Jeffries fight to potentially injure those brave enough to pick up the book. Bill proves he's up to the challenge and talks to Rozen about "America on the Ropes: A Pictorial History of the Johnson-Jeffries Fight".

This program aired on November 19, 2005.

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