Show rundown for 2/4/2006

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Super Bowl Picks with Paul Attner

Paul Attner of the Sporting News joins the program from Detroit to comment on Super Bowl XL, the most important event since Superbowl XXVIIII.

Betting on the Super Bowl

Now that we know Paul Attner's pick, the Steelers go into Super Bowl weekend a four point favorite in Las Vegas. Nevada has long been a destination for football fans confident of their own intuitive powers. Only A Game's Karen Given has our report from Sin City.

Wedded to the Game

For her new book "Wedded to the Game", Shannon O'Toole investigated the lives of the wives and girlfriends of pro football players and coaches by surveying those women. The author, who is married to John Morton, an assistant coach for the New Orleans Saints, joins Bill from WDET in Detroit.

Super Bowl Haiku

It may be that no poetic form is less appropriate for discussing the Super Bowl than haiku. That pretty much explains why we have been celebrating the Super Bowl via haiku for 12 years now.

Super Bowl and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: the Super Bowl is good, the Cowhers are competitive, and parrots can be dangerous.


Bill finds a few more Super Bowl related poems in the Only A Game mailbag.

The Super Bowl of Birding

Only A Game dispatched reporter Michelle Seaton to cover Super Bowl weekend this year. She has followed a group of fierce competitors determined to bring back the hardware, the cash and the glory.

This program aired on February 4, 2006.


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