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Saturday, March 22, 200827:07

This article is more than 12 years old.

Go Crazy Folks!

March Madness is tough to turn away from, if only to ensure your bracket is still in tact.  Bill Littlefield has the latest on the tournament.

Taking it Down a Notch

This time last season, the Florida Gators were gearing up for their second straight run at a national title.  This year, the Gators are fighting for a secondary crown — The NIT Title.  Kevin Brockway of The Gainesville Sun joins us to talk about Florida's fall from National Champion to NIT Contender, and how fans and players have responded to the disappointing season.

Dancing at the Garden

The NCAA tournament isn't the only College Hoops party going on this week.  Those left out of the big dance still have something to play for at the National Invitational Tournament, culminating at Madison Square Garden.  But the NIT wasn't always simply second best.  Bill Littlefield sits down with Charles Rosen, author of Barney Polan's Game, to talk about the glory days of the NIT.

The Blue Jays Fly North

The Yankees and Red Sox have dominated the American League East for more than a decade.  But believe it or not, there was a time when the team from Toronto was relevant.  Only A Game's Ron Schacter reports on the Blue Jays' hopes at reviving their franchise, by pinning their hopes on some young talent.

Quantum Hoops

How could you root against a team that hasn't won in over two decades?  The California Institute of Technology's Men's Basketball program held the title of the nation's longest losing streak into 2006.  Filmmaker Rick Greenwald examines CalTech's futility in his new documentary Quantum HoopsHe joins Bill to talk about what can only be described as the worst team in college basketball, but what just might be the smartest collection of student athletes around.

Women's Hoops and More, With Charlie Pierce

Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: The Women's version of March Madness, an NBA update, and the latest on the boycotts of the Beijing summer games.


Bill checks out the latest listener feedback, including some who aren't all too pleased with the show's coverage of the US Ski Team.

Let's Drink to Rugby

The Six Nations Tournament brings together the best rugby teams in Europe for an annual slugfest to decide the sport's champion.    Although rugby isn't exactly America's game, Scott Berinato tracked down some fans in a somewhat likely location — a Boston pub --to talk about the games.

This program aired on March 22, 2008.

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