Saturday, April 26, 2008

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The Habs Are Back

When a franchise has won 24 league championships in a history not quite a century long, a 15 year drought isn't just a disappointment — it's shocking. But that's exactly the situation the Montreal Canadiens are in right now. However the Habs are in the midst of a playoff run as the top seeded team in the NHL's Eastern Conference, and behind the offense of veteran Alexei Kovalev and the goaltending of rookie Carey Price, The Canadiens have the city in a frenzy. Montreal writer Pat Hickey talks with Bill Littlefield about the pride of Canada, 'Le Club de Hockey Canadien.'

Examining Eventing

When most people think of horseback riding, the first thing that comes to mind is the Kentucky Derby. But eventing has been a prominent sport for years, and an Olympic event since 1912. The sport combines multiple disciplines for horse and rider, including rhythm and harmony, physical endurance and jumping ability. But it's also gaining a reputation for the danger it poses to participants, forcing observers to focus on eventing not so much on the elements of the sport itself, but on important safety concerns. NPR's Kathleen Adams reports from Lexington on improving safety provisions in eventing.

Danica Wins One

When Danica Patrick stormed the Indy Racing League in 2005, many anticipated it would be a matter of months before she claimed her first victory. But it took three years for her to spin the wheels in victory lane, as she won her first race in the Indy Japan 300 on Sunday. Dr. Marjorie Snyder of the Women's Sports Foundation joins Bill Littlefield to discuss the significance of Danica's win, and the progress of women's opportunities in sports.

Racing Together Again

While Danica Patrick was busy beginning her era of victories in a race in Japan, another era was coming to a close in California. After 14 years of separation, the Champ Car Racing Series is being absorbed back into the Indy Racing League, re-uniting the giants of open wheel racing. Only A Game's Charlie Schroeder was at Champ Car's swansong in SoCal, and he has the report.

Changing Catch

The ritual of playing catch is an ancient tradition between parents and their children. However, as Elissa Ely comments, even this beloved ritual isn't safe from a new day and age.

No More Flying Octopi and More, with Charlie Pierce

Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Whether or not the Boston Celtics will ever lose another game, some fishy decisions in Detroit, and John Cleese as judge and jury in a unique competition.

The Best Sports Writing of Pat Jordan

Truly good sports writing gets past box scores and statistics, by bringing together the sports world with the real world. Throughout his career, Pat Jordan has tried to do just this, taking the games that we watch and the players that we root for and putting them in context. Bill Littlefield talks to Pat Jordan about his new book, The Best Sports Writing of Pat Jordan, and some of the best stories Jordan has from the road.


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