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As the tour moves into its 14th stage, the fact can’t be ignored that another rider has been pulled for doping, the third of this year’s race. But those riders looking to move on will bike almost 121 miles towards the Alps on Saturday. Here to discuss the latest on the tour with host Bill Littlefield is ESPN’s Bonnie D. Ford.

Double amputee runner Oscar Pistorius failed to make the South African 1,600 meter relay team this week. He also faced pressure from the IAAF who spoke out publically about their feelings of Pistorius having an unfair advantage because of his steel prosthetics. Only A Game’s Nancy Greenleese reports on the future of Pistorius’ running career.

It’s that time of the year again where the best of the best in Major League Soccer team up together and face off as one team. The MLS All Star Game will be held Thursday night in Toronto as the MLS All-Stars face West Ham United of England’s Premiership. Here to discuss all things soccer with Bill is Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl.

Summer camps are in full swing all around the country and things are no different at Asthma Camp. At this camp, kids with the medical condition can partake in all the regular camp activities that they all too often miss out on. Only A Game’s Michelle Seaton has the story.

Summer camps often provide both children and their parents will well deserved breaks. Only A Game’s Elissa Ely shares her thoughts from Visitor’s Day at her daughter’s summer camp.

Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: The British Open, Playing National League Hockey outdoors and a recent Grand Prairie Air Hogs home game.

Some boxing matches are easily forgotten. Others are talked about and contested for years. That's just what happened when Sugar Ray Leonard fought Marvelous Marvin Hagler at Caesars 21 years ago. Steve Marantz's new book, Sorcery At Caesars, takes readers back to the infamous fight where many believe Sugar Ray stole Marvelous Marvin's belt. Steve joins Bill to discuss that fight and more about the sport.

This program aired on July 19, 2008.