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USA Track and Field has a new CEO and he means business when it comes to doping in the sport. After hearing that Marion Jones wrote to President Bush for a pardon, Doug Logan has started a campaign of his own for others to write to the President asking him not to commute Jones’ sentence. Doug Logan joins Only A Game host Bill Littlefield.

Sue Walsh had it all going for her in 1980. She had qualified for the U.S. Olympic team, but she would never compete in them. The United States boycotted the Summer Games in Moscow that year, meaning Sue would never have the chance to go for the gold. Almost 30 years later, Sue is still swimming competitively and breaking world records. Only A Game’s Rachel McCarthy reports on this swimming sensation.

With only a couple of weeks to go before the Summer Games in Beijing, the WNBA has handed down multiple suspensions after Tuesday’s on court fight between members of the Detroit Shock and the Los Angeles Sparks. Joining Bill to discuss the consequences of the fight is Clay Kallam of Fullcourt Press.

Volume 1: Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails is the debut album of the band The Baseball Project, a band that has devoted all 13 tracks of the album to the game of baseball. Bill talks to Steve Wynn and Linda Pitmon of The Baseball Project about their new spin on a classic musical genre.

Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Lebron James guaranteeing gold, Brett Favre’s never ending career and the Madison Mallards offer another wacky promotion idea.

Picture your typical librarian. Now picture her or him doing choreographed dance moves with a book cart. That’s exactly what happened at the 2008 Drill Cart Team Competition in Anaheim. Reporting on this quirky contest is Only A Game’s Charlie Schroeder.


This program aired on July 26, 2008.