Saturday, December 6, 200827:07

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This weekend will be a battle of strength vs. speed as number-one ranked Alabama faces fourth ranked Florida. Or is it second ranked Florida?  Bill Littlefield talks with Yahoo Sports' Dan Wetzel about the crazy BCS rankings and the highlights of this week's college football match ups.

With declining ticket prices and a shrinking market, the NFL's Buffalo Bills might call Canada home in the near future. Only A Game's Dave Naylor reports on how fans on both sides of the border feel about that possibility.

Anyone who’s ever seen a former NFL player try to walk down a flight of stairs knows that the physical demands of a job in the NFL have long term consequences. Now, doctors at the Living Heart Foundation are trying to improve the cardiovascular health of NFL alumni. Only A Game's Doug Tribou reports on the efforts of this non-profit organization. Click here to see photos.

Bill Littlefield speaks with John Bohannon, contributing correspondent for the journal
Science and creator of the innovative contest, Dance Your Ph.D., where grad students, post docs, and professors are asked to film a dance illustrating their scientific research. Click here to learn more.

Bill Littlefield answers some letters from listeners.

Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: sportsman of the year Michael Phelps, the suspension of Plaxico Burress, and a fishy Christmas miracle.Imagine following Tiger Woods throughout his 2008 season, watching him win five out of seven world events, and being witness to how painful those victories were for the golf legend. Bill Littlefield speaks with author Bob Smiley on Tiger Woods' 2008 tournament season and his new book, Follow The Roar.

This program aired on December 6, 2008.