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Saturday, October 17, 200951:41

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Thanks in part to shortstop Rafael Furcal (L) and rightfielder Andre Ethier (R), the Dodgers are headed to the NLCS
Thanks in part to shortstop Rafael Furcal (L) and rightfielder Andre Ethier (R), the Dodgers are headed to the NLCS

Freezing temperatures, driving rain, and perhaps a little snow.  Perfect weather for…baseball?  With terrible forecasts looming, Bill examines the distressing trend of awful weather ruining baseball’s Fall Classic.

For a baseball G.M., there is no offseason.  Bill talks with former Toronto Blue Jays’ General Manager J.P Ricciardi about what it takes to build and re-build a baseball team that can compete against the Yankees and Red Sox.

After the United States beat Honduras last weekend, the men’s national soccer team booked its place in next summer’s World Cup.  With the World Cup bracket rapidly filling, Bill and Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl examine the United States’ chances, soccer’s healing affects in Honduras, and the MLS playoff picture.

As a sophomore at UMass-Lowell, John O’Brien was just a normal college student who enjoyed hanging out with friends and playing on the school’s soccer team.  But O’Brien felt strongly that he had to support the country’s war in Iraq, so he quit school and joined the army.  Four years later, O’Brien is back at UMass-Lowell and playing with his Riverhawks teammates.  Only A Game’s Karen Given has the story, check out the photo gallery here.

What do Rush Limbaugh, Lamar and H.L. Hunt, and Caddyshack have in common?  They were all subjects of letters listeners wrote to us last week.  Listen as Bill opens Only A Game’s mailbox.

Lebron James has the flu, NASCAR has a Hall of Fame, and Bob Stoops has no mojo.  Bill and Only A Game’s Charlie Pierce have thoughts on all of the week’s sporting news.

Though slightly smaller than Everest, K2 is known by many as the world’s most perilous summit.  Bill talks with Ed Viesturs, mountaineer and author of  K2: Life and Death on the World’s Most Dangerous Mountain, about conquering the treacherous peak.

This program aired on October 17, 2009.

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