Music on Only A Game 11/21/09

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Only A Game's Senior Producer, Gary Waleik, picks the music that's featured on each show.  Here's why he chose each song this week:

I think we may have rebounded this week from a little musical lull there. Phew…

As far as this week’s musical choices go:
Take Off That Mask by The Zambonis (from 100% Hockey…and other stuff, Tarquin Records, 1995)

Gary's Take: Another icy gem from Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Masters of Hockey Rock. Do we need a new collection of spleen-busting blue line to blue line hawkey masterpieces? Yes we do. Dave, Jon, Steve, Mat, Brothers Katis, et al…what say you?

Look at All Those Idiots by The Simpsons (from The Simpsons Sing the Blues, Geffen Records, 1990)

Gary's Take:  Applicable almost any sports week, but somehow it’s taken over 16 years to get it on Only A Game.

Paper by Talking Heads (from Fear of Music, Sire Records, 1979)

Gary's Take:  The middle song From David Byrne’s epic “Rock, Paper, Scissors” trilogy.
South African National Anthem by The Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Peter Breiner, Conductor (from (Complete National Anthems of the World, Vol. 5, Marco Polo, 1998)

Gary's Take:  Let’s set the record straight with a version of the anthem that won’t cause the South African Parliament to charge Only A Game with treason.
This is from a 6 volume set of world anthems that makes my weekend parties come ALIVE!!!

Ay Drug Gitara (from Songs of Old Russia, VMK, 1917)

Gary's Take:  I think this means “My Friend the Guitar”, but maybe it translates to “My Drugged-Up Comrade” or “Our Roofs are Still Falling on Top of Our Heads Here on the Beet Farming Collective”. I don’t know.

This program aired on November 20, 2009. The audio for this program is not available.



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