Music Blog 3/20/10

Take Me Out to the Ball Game by Stan Musial (from Take Me Out to the Ball Game; Diamond Cuts Vol. 11, Hungry for Music, 2008)

Stan the Man will henceforth be known as Stan the Harmonicist, with a propensity for hit-making that extends well beyond the diamond.

Give Blood by Pete Townshend (from The Best of Pete Townshend, Atlantic, 1996)

In the liner notes, Pete admits that he mailed the song in and handed it over to Simon Phillips, Pino Palladino and David Gilmour, his “three favorite musicians”. Really, Pete? Really? Yeah, I guess on second thought, Keith Moon was a shlub compared to the genius rhythmicist for Toto. Not saying he’s not talented, but sheesh…
 This would explain a lot, including Townshend’s rather lost-looking 2010 Super Bowl appearance.

Straight Down the Middle by Ray Reach (from Golf’s greatest Hits, Teed off Records, 1996)

Soon to hit the iPods of Buddhist golfers everywhere.

Wheels by The String-A-Longs (from Rock Instrumental Classics, Vol. 2: The Sixties, Rhino, 1994)

I thought this would work for the story of the demise of the annual Cotswold Cheese Rolling event, which was permanently cancelled due to the dangers 7 pound wheels of cheese rolling down a steep incline posed to competitors and spectators alike. Oh, how I wish I could have resorted to “Songs for Cheese-Rolling Contests” by Brian Eno and Phil Manzanera.

Echoes from the Hills by Sons of the Pioneers featuring Roy Rogers (from Songs of the West, Vol. 3, Rhino, 1993)

Yeeehaw, Agent Zero!

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