Holy Batrimony / Tie Goes to the Losers

Holy Batrimony

It may be that there’s no crying in baseball, but recently there was some proposing in softball. At a high school game in Cincinnati between Glen Este High and Milford, Glen Este Coach Tim Gregory took advantage of the pre-game ground rules conference at home plate to drop to one knee and propose to Milford Coach Christy Foster, whom he’d been dating for two years.

“Yes,” said Foster, who might have supposed that her future husband would make of the game an early wedding present. But no dice. Foster’s Eagles fell 1 - 0 to Glen Este, a loss characterized as some witnesses as “heartbreaking.”

That just doesn’t seem right.

To read the complete USA Today article, click here.

Tie Goes to the Losers

“It is a record no team would want, but I suppose it has given the club a bit of attention.”

This understatement comes courtesy of Adie Heath, who manages AFC Aldermaston, which had lost a record 40 soccer games in a row before holding Warminster Town to a 1-1 draw last weekend. It was the worst losing streak in British soccer history.

“Morale has been good,” Mr. Heath said, but who does he think he’s kidding? Unable to pay their players last season, his club lost ten starters to a rival team over the summer. This season, snow rendered Aldermaston’s home ground unplayable for a month. They’ll be relegated (sent to a lower division), of course, and will spend next season in the Hampshire Puma League, where there is every chance they’ll be devoured.

Read more about the losing streak from Yahoo! Sport (UK & Ireland) here.


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