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Soccer for the Stranded / Water Hazard

This article is more than 9 years old.

Soccer for the Stranded

The cloud of volcanic ash that grounded airplanes throughout Northern Europe and Great Britain delighted almost nobody, except for the people who got free tickets to see a Bundesliga match last Friday night for free.

The management of the Cologne team apparently felt so badly for folks inconvenienced when the Cologne/Bonn Airport was shut down that they offered free tickets to the match to anyone who brought their useless airline tickets to the stadium.

The team promised to provide the free tickets “as long as stocks last…” an offer that no doubt had thousands flying to the Cologne grounds.

Well, maybe not flying.

Read more from Reuters and Yahoo! News here.

Water Hazard

Water aerobics…good for you, right?

Well, yes, unless there’s a crocodile in the water.

That was the case on Tuesday at the Howard Springs Holiday Park in Darwin, Australia, when a fresh water crocodile that had been residing in a nearby swamp slipped into the pool just before the aerobics class was to begin.

The local ladies of Howard Springs who had signed up for the class were undeterred by the unregistered guest.

“They were all there waiting for the ranger to collect it,” said park manager Geoff Thompson. “And once he got it out of the water, they started their aerobics.”

Afterward they ate the crocodile and made him into shoes and belts. No they didn’t. I made that last part up.

Read the original story from here.

This program aired on April 28, 2010. The audio for this program is not available.

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