Music Blog 5/15/2010

Saving My Ticket by Superchunk (from Foolish, Merge Records, 1994)

I looked for something antiquated and tinhornish, but I decided to go modern instead. If you consider the ‘90’s to be “modern”.

Mother Dear by Styx (from Equinox, A+M Records, 1975)

Styx? Really?!? I mean…Styx? What was I thinking? I apologize for putting you through that…I really do. I apologize to myself, as well.

Life is Good in the Greenhouse by XTC (from Go2, Virgin Records, 1978)

One of my wife’s faves, although she is not a jazzer (see music blog of 4/23/10). Apologies to panfloutists and conch shell players everywhere for my utter lack of politesse. I love Keith Jarrett. I really do. (Cough…cough…)

Cleveland Rocks by Ian Hunter (from You’re Never Alone With a Schizophrenic, EMI, 1979)

It may rock, but the City of Light, City of Magic certainly doesn’t win any sports championships.

Pop-March by Johnny Pearson (from Music for TV Dinners: the ‘60’s, Scamp, 1997)

We’re a campy show with an overwhelming need for kitschy music. This is one of our go-to discs.

Whatever happened to Scamp, by the way? I find no web site for it, which means it can’t really be a going concern, right? I loved their reissues, especially the Shadows, Martin Denny and Jackie Gleason. What the Scamp catalogue lacked in volume (meaning size), it more than mad up for in fun. Too bad.

Umhlaba by Ubuhle Bendondo (from Football Fever: A musical Celebration of the World Cup, Nascente, 1998)

I don’t know what to tell you about this song. For all I know, these folks might be singing about Evel Knievel or about how much they like sweaters.

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