Music Blog 8/7/10

I Met a Bear by The Bear Complex (from YouTube)

This is a song used behind a YouTube clip of a bunch of folks lifting weights in a gym. I have no idea what the video to audio connection is, but the song’s appropriate in our context. Plus, I like this song because I have met bears, and I do have a complex about them. There’s something that happens to one’s confidence when you’re no longer on the top of the food chain.

The New Black and Tan Fantasy by Duke Ellington (from Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns, Original Soundtrack Recording, Elektra Nonesuch, 1994)

I’m a fan of the drink made by combining pale ale and stout, so I had always thought that’s what this song was about. But I guess not. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to make weekend plans to create my own black and tan reality.

The Parasailing Donkey Will Fly No More by Bill Littlefield (from OAG program #1032, 39 minutes into the show)

If you think Bill’s talents end at doggerel and carefully crafted radio prose, well, you’re wrong. He’s been an underappreciated Country and Western singer since the summer of 1967, when he worked Utah slate mines while his contemporaries basked in the Summer of Love. Bill wrote and sang this poignant saga of the Beast of Burden Who Dared to Dream…and parasail! It just sounds so TNN-ready to me.

This program aired on August 6, 2010. The audio for this program is not available.


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