Music Blog 8/14/2010

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Earthworm by Flipper (from Sex Bomb Baby, Infinite Zero, 1987)

From San Francisco’s…nay, the world’s…slowest hardcore band of all time. This tune is representative in many ways of Flipper’s approach, which was to turn it all the way up and let stuff happen. But in a way it’s not representative. If you scratch the surface of many of their other songs (The Way of the World, Ha Ha Ha, Get Away, to name a few), there are pop tunes lurking beneath the wash of guitar and the rumble of bass. I loved that approach then (I even saw them live a few times), and I love it now. I can’t say that about all the early 80’s punk bands I liked back in the day.

Big Red Machine by Kevin Jones (from Diamond Cuts: Triple Play, Hungry for Music, 1999)

Big Red Machine, Big Red Shmachine. I’m still bitter about the ’75 World Series.
Cesar Geronimo, Shmaisar Shmeronimo.

No Fun by The Stooges (from The Stooges, Elektra, 1969)

Is this song even applicable in these No Fun Days in the No Fun City of the No Fun State of the No Fun States of America in the No Fun 21st Century.
Aaaaaah, who am I kidding? It’s still fun.

Gamblin’ With My Love (Pete Rose) by Dan Bern (from Diamond Cuts: 7th Inning Stretch, Hungry for Music, 2004)

Pete Rose, Shmete Shmose.

Luck Be a Lady by Marlon Brando and The Guys (from Guys and Dolls Original Broadway Cast, Decca, 2000)

Luck may be a lady, but it must have been some trollish lug who dug this performance out of the vault. I mean, Marlon Brando was one heck of an actor, obviously, but a singer? The horror…

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