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I Wanna Drive the Zamboni by The Zambonis (from 100% Hockey…and Other Stuff, Tarquin Records, 1995)

Did you see the Zamboni polishing the Bell Center (I'm sorry…Centre Bell) ice during intermissions of Canadiens/Bruins games? It's like a big three-prong electrical plug. Very cool. Wedding Boogie by the Johnny Otis Orchestra (from Rockin' and Rollin' Wedding Songs, Volume 1, Rhino, 1992)

Hey…this compilation is from the same year I was married. Too Much Beer Not Enough Bait by The Dorados (from Fishin' Train, Mahi Mahi Records, 2001)

This is Gary Shiebler's old band. Someday he and I will go fishing.
Check out what he's doing now in Nashville here.

I hear he's having a halibut time.

Three Little Fishies by Mel Tillis and the World's Greatest Fishing Band (from All Gone Fishing, Bandit Records, 2008)

We've got a leitmotif going here. Hmmm. It must be spring, and I haven’t even wet a line yet. Yup…

This segment aired on April 23, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.


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