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Music On Only A GameTennessee Fight Song (Rocky Top) by the University of Tennessee Marching Band

I prefer Scrawl's version…

Sandwich by Blue Cheer (from The Original Human Being, Philips, 1970)

There was a Blue Cheer record, I can’t remember which, that had a super-groovy hippytastic mystical poem on the back. It included the mantra "Ommmmmmmm…." My friends in the excellent band Busted Statues used the poem as the lyric for their song "Blue Cheer". The lead singer, Bob, hadn’t known that "Ommmmmmmm…." was a mantra, so he sang the chorus as separate letters: "oh-em-em-em-em-em-em-em-em-em-em-em-em-em-em-em-em". Awesome. Bob the Happy!

Theme Park by The Tubes (from Outside Inside, Capitol, 1983)

Did anyone, anyone at all, know that The Tubes were putting out records in the '80's? I hadn't.

Maite Zaitut by Amuma Says No

Who knew that one could utter the phrase "This is a song from Boise, Idaho's favorite Basque music band" and have it be true?

This segment aired on March 24, 2012. The audio for this segment is not available.


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