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For fans anticipating the various plot twists potentially available in a series that can go as many as seven games, there's nothing duller than a sweep. We got to see Detroit's magnificent pitcher, Justin Verlander, just once. He came up somewhat short of magnificent. Wouldn't it have been great to see him pitch a second time with everything on the line? And who among us wouldn't have wanted to see Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera at the plate, crown slightly askew, with the tying and winning runs on base?

But, no. The Tigers were flat, and we got a sweep…the dullest of World Series outcomes. I put it to you: Who could be happy with the way the Giants overwhelmed the Tigers?

Ah, well, yes. The fans in San Francisco celebrating with a Halloween Day parade on Wednesday…they could be happy, and they were.

“Who cares if people doubt you?” said Brandon Ureno, 17, of Turlock, Calif. “Praise adversity. Prove everyone wrong. Let everyone doubt you. Surprise ‘em. Have a little spirit.”

“It was unexpected,” said Carla Thomas of Oakland, Calif. “I mean, a four-game sweep? It’s unheard of. That’s a miracle, and everybody reaps the benefits—the city, the fans.  It's great.”

“Their youth and their excitement, and just the whole team spirit was there,” said Meg Morley of Marin County. “And I just loved seeing the team spirit. They were all out there together. And they pulled us in to make it part of the team.”

“It's the players, man, it’s our Giants,” said Jake San Carlos. “In baseball, just like anything, you got to have chemistry as a team. This is a team that people doubted—thought they were done and out, but you know what, we kept fighting through that. It’s more than that trophy, it’s about the town, man.”

The cheers have faded now, but what the Giants accomplished has certainly given baseball fans in San Francisco something to chat about during the off-season. Their team has won two of the past three championships. From Nob Hill to North Beach and Presidio Heights to the Haight, they're talking dynasty.

This segment aired on November 3, 2012.

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