Music On Only A Game

Music On Only A Game

Vitamin Love by Yuko Ogura (from Grooveshark)

From a pop singer who delivers the maximum dose of Vitamin CUTE.

Boom Boom Mancini by Born 53 (from Contender, Big Note, 2008)

Written and originally performed by Warren Zevon, but the only versions we could find of this were from live performances. Sorry.

Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Robert Tiso (from Crystal Sound, Robert Tiso, 2011)

From the world's greatest glass harpist. The harp's made of glass, not Tiso.

Imperial March by Monaci Del Surf (from Monaci Del Surf, Inri, 2012)

This was a huge hit on the planet Panna, and if you have to ask yourself just what that is, well then you don’t know your Star Wars, do you?

Drifting Apart by Marty Stuart (from Ghost Train: the Studio B Sessions, Sugar Hill, 2010)

Stuart has a band called the Fabulous Superlatives (not the band on this track), and I think that's just the best.

This segment aired on November 3, 2012. The audio for this segment is not available.


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