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Chicago Bulls Intro theme by Instrumental All Stars (from Instrumental Gold: Themes, IG Music Group, 2012)

Wow…a musical group that puts out dozens of records consisting of covers of almost all descriptions. Imagine how much money they'd make if they all went platinum?

The Hula Hoop Song by Georgia Gibbs (from Roulette records 45, 1958)

Oh, those crazy, bellicose 50's kids, singing about their subversive Hula Hoops, lollipops, poodle skirts and other terrifying totems of turbulent teen treason.

The Twinkie Song by Jim Ragsdale (from YouTube)

This song is so good it should have TWICE the sell-by date as a Twinkie which, as we all know, has a shelf life of approximately one century!

You're So Vain by The Versionarys (from Purely Instrumental 70's: No. 1 Hits Vol. 2, R.B. Puddin, 2010)

When he hears the Versionarys' version of this song, Warren Beatty probably doesn’t think this song is about him. Doesn't he? Doesn't he? Doesn't he?

Klement's Sausage Races Commercial (from YouTube)

This song, like the product it trumpets, should have the longevity of The Twinkie Song and the Twinkie. But, sadly, the product has nowhere near the same shelf life.

This segment aired on March 2, 2013. The audio for this segment is not available.


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