Injuries, Rumors Plague New York Yankees

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Recent injuries to Mark Teixeira (right) and Derek Jeter have made Yankees' fans nervous. (Frank Franklin II/AP)
Derek Jeter (center) may be back out on the diamond again after recovering from a broken ankle, but Mark Teixeira (right) has become the latest Yankee to go down with an injury. (Frank Franklin II/AP)

The news seems to just be getting worse for the New York Yankees, who announced earlier this week that they will be without All-Star first baseman Mark Teixeira for eight to 10 weeks.

Teixeira now joins Alex Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson in the ranks of Yankees All-Stars out with injuries.

“This is a team that’s always done a very good job of, you know, keeping a stiff upper lip, and saying we’ll find a way,” the Wall Street Journal's Daniel Barbarisi told Bill Littlefield. “But there’s no question that these guys are looking around and saying, ‘Who are you? Who are you?’ because there’s a lot of not-so-noteworthy guys on this team right now.  And that’s something the Yankees aren’t used to.”

“I think a lot of these guys are wondering, you know, how they are gonna pick up the slack,” Barbarisi added.

According to Barbarisi, Rodriguez could be out past the All-Star break

“He’s going through a bit of an unprecedented recovery, in that he’s going to have now both hips operated on — very invasive surgery, the kind of thing no one at his age and his stature has ever had done at the professional level,” Barbarisi said. “So best-case scenario he’s back at the All-Star break. Worse-case scenario, who knows?”

Teixeira, who suffered a wrist injury, is expected back sooner.

“Chances are he’s back in the early part of May, but when he comes back he may not be 100 percent,” Barbarisi said.

Barbarisi said the outlook is better for Granderson, who is expected back on the diamond the first week in May.

In one bit of promising news, Derek Jeter is recovering well from ankle surgery.

“Jeter has looked great in everything he’s done so far,” said Barbarisi of the short stop, who is entering his 19th season with the Yankees. “At the plate he looks alive, he’s running well, he’s taking fielding drills with no problem, and he says he’s going to be back Opening Day.”

Also entering his season 19th season with New York is closer Mariano Riveira. According to recent reports, there won’t be No. 20.

“We’ve never seen one like him before, and never really will see one again,” Barbarisi said.


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