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Pine Tar Bat (by…by…I have no idea)

A friend gave me this one a long time ago, probably on cassette. It's now archived on a CD. Does anybody out there know what this is? Help!

Riverdance by Phil Coulter and James Galway (from Legends, RCA Victor, 1997)

Were Coulter and Galway allowed to use their upper bodies when recording this song?


Don Gone Columbia by Teenage Fan Club (from Thirteen, Geffen, 1993)

Every time I hear this, it's like Only A Game's original head honcho, David Greene, is back on the radio and doing his dj thing again. Which brings back many pleasant memories.   


Skinny Dipping With You by James Hardy (from The Girl On My Mind, Star Tune, 2012)


This segment aired on July 27, 2013. The audio for this segment is not available.


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