Casino Logo Added To Fenway's Green Monster

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Although not shown in this picture, the Green Monster now features a logo for Foxwoods Casino. (Elsa/Getty Images)
Although not shown in this picture, the Green Monster now features a logo for Foxwoods Casino. (Elsa/Getty Images)

This week the Boston Red Sox unveiled a new logo at Fenway Park. The debut of the Foxwoods logo on the Green Monster has Bill Littlefield speculating about fans' likely reactions to a casino advertisement at the ballpark .

They sat beside each other in the grandstand out in right,
The April wind blew through the park; it was a chilly night.
The two had gone to games for years, in daylight and in dark,
Companions in the cramped, historic seats at Fenway Park.

That park's endured the changes every ownership has wrought,
Redecorating Fenway with the products that have bought
The space, and on this night, upon the greenish wall in left,
[sidebar title="'Pete Rose: An American Dilemma'" width="160"  align="right"]Kostya Kennedy discusses his new book about the terrific career and turbulent post-baseball life of Pete Rose.[/sidebar]A monster wall that once of signage used to be bereft,

There was a sign for Foxwoods, fancy land of whirling slots,
Where poker players push their money into growing pots,
Where dreamers enter flush with cash and often leave with none,
Though all the TV ads assert that you will be the one
Who beats the house and leaves the building feeling like a star,
And headed home, stops briefly to pick up a bigger car,
Saved by that evening's lucky streak from any need to grouse,
And ready to acquire - very soon - a bigger house.
"But, hey," one grandstand sitter said while turning to his buddy,
"With Foxwoods on the wall, the issue gets a little muddy.
Pete Rose is out of baseball; out of baseball he will stay,
For betting hard on everything and almost everyday."
"Okay," his friend replied, "but that's a different sort of deal.
Casinos aren't illegal, and no matter how you feel
About the hand that Rose was dealt, the banishment and such,
The country likes to gamble; every dude's an easy touch
For Foxwoods and such places, built to separate a man
From what he's earned by working just as quickly as they can."

"You're right, I guess," the first guy said, "but still it seems to me
That of casino ads perhaps the ballpark should be free.
For betting here or betting there, it's betting all the same."
"I think you're nuts," his buddy said. "Shut up and watch the game.

This segment aired on April 2, 2014.

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