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This week's list of musical selections spicing the show is short but distinguished, or at least you'll feel that way if you are related to Gerry Rafferty or have close friends or classmates in Deer Hoof.

"Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back" by Deer Hoof (from Offend Maggie), features the word "basketball," or at least some variation of it. Hence it qualified as the music to be run behind the short and undistinguished story of a wealthy and successful boxer who's been playing for and coaching a professional basketball team that he'd never have made if he didn't own it.

"Can I Have My Money Back?" by Gerry Rafferty (from Can I Have My Money Back?) is a far cry from the Randy Newman song I'd have selected in its place, were I in any position to select songs. Any Randy Newman song, by the way. "My Life Is Good," "Short People," "It's Money That Matters," "Feels Like Home To Me." Any of 'em. Also any of the others.

This segment aired on October 25, 2014. The audio for this segment is not available.

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Bill Littlefield Host, Only A Game
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