The Linda Cohn Story: The Road To 5,000 SportsCenters

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"A couple of my bosses say, 'Hey, before you go home, can you just stop by the office? We have to talk to you about something,'" ESPN anchor Linda Cohn recalls. "I go, 'OK,'"

Cohn is remembering a day back in 1994.

"So then I go into the office with my two bosses," she continues. "They both said, 'Listen, we think you could do better. We thought you could do better. And we’re gonna see in six months if you can improve. And if you don’t improve…you’ll be gone.'”

Cohn did improve, and she held on at ESPN. This weekend she’ll host SportsCenter — the network’s premier show — for the 5,000th time. No other person — man or woman — has accomplished that.

This week, Only A Game's Karen Given spoke with Cohn about how she came to be a sports broadcaster — back in the days when very few women pursued a career in sports.

Cohn shares the rest of her story, In Her Own Words. To hear the full story, click the play button below the headline at the top of the page.

This segment aired on February 20, 2016.


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