The Definitive Ranking Of The NBA's Cutest Kids

Riley Curry may have stolen the show during the 2015 NBA Playoffs, but is the the league's cutest kid? (AP Photo/Ben Margot, File)
Riley Curry may have stolen the show during the 2015 NBA Playoffs, but is the the league's cutest kid? (AP Photo/Ben Margot, File)

The NBA's All-Star Weekend was more than an exhibition of the game’s top talent — it also served as a showcase of the league’s cutest kids.

Now, it would be easy to say that each NBA kid is equally cute in their own right, but we live in a society built on hierarchies, and one adorable NBA kid must rise above the rest. After long hours of deliberation, this is the definitive ranking of the cutest kids in the NBA.

No. 1 — Chris Paul II, 6

Before Riley Curry burst onto the scene, “Lil' Chris” had the postgame press conference game down pat with his perfect Blake Griffin impression.

Chris had a ball at All-Star Weekend in Toronto — literally, he swiped a basketball from Kobe Bryant.

He also participated in a kids Slam Dunk Contest with special assistance from Kevin Hart.

If you’re looking for more of Lil' Chris, he’s got his own Instagram page to update followers on his adventures.

No. 1 — Carter and Isaiah Barnes, 7

These identical twins might possibly exceed the maximum levels of cuteness allowed on Earth.

Isaiah has refined the art of trolling, choosing to support Steph Curry and the Warriors instead of his dad at school.

The Barnes boys are pals with Lil' Chris, as their dads spent three years together on the Clippers.

And, it appears that the Barnes twins are already picking up their dad’s sport.

The Barnes twins also have their own Instagram, where you can find snapshots of them playing basketball, sitting courtside and wearing lots of matching outfits.

No. 1 — Riley Curry, 3

Her dad might have the ring, but Riley Curry was last season’s true NBA champion. A string of unforgettable press conference appearances introduced her to the world and she hasn’t looked back since.

Whether she’s nae-nae-ing with Jeremy Lin, helping her mom in the kitchen, being a good big sister, or reciting the pledge of allegiance, it is unknown if Riley has ever done an un-cute thing in her life.

No. 1 — PJ Rose, 3

Riley wasn’t the only young star of the NBA playoffs. After his dad Derrick’s Bulls lost to the Cavaliers in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, PJ lightened the mood at the press conference. A still from the conference went viral on Twitter and the rest is history.

Like any proud dad, Derrick started selling t-shirts with PJ’s now-iconic face on it.

For $15, the shirt can be yours.

No. 1 — LeBron James, Jr., 11

When your name is LeBron James Jr., a lot is going to be expected of you. The younger LeBron is tearing up the youth basketball circuit.

LeBron Jr. is already receiving attention from college coaches, so much so that his dad had to politely ask that recruiters stay away from his son, at least for now.

Bronny and his 8-year-old brother Bryce have starred in a national campaign for Sean John and, like Riley, enjoy showing off their dance moves.

No. 1 — Kiyan Anthony, 8

Carmelo’s son, who is featured alongside the James boys in their Sean John campaign, also took part in the All-Star festivities, joining ‘Lil Chris in the Dunk Contest.

Kiyan, still in elementary school, plays AAU ball for New York Gauchos. According to TMZ Sports, the Gauchos, made up of second graders, placed ninth in a national AAU tournament for third graders this past summer.

Perhaps we might see another Anthony - James showdown sometime down the line.

No. 1 — Nick Young Jr., 3

Nick Young Jr. may be just 3 years old, but he's already sporting cool haircuts and getting buckets.

He's inherited his dad's signature style.

He makes frequent appearances on his dad’s Instagram.

No. 1 — Natalia Bryant 13, and Gianna Bryant, 9  

Natalia and Gianna are veterans of the NBA kid scene.

Natalia celebrated her third birthday by watching her dad’s historic 81-point game against the Toronto Raptors.

And, both Bryant sisters were at the podium for one of their dad's greatest postgame press conference quips following the 2010 NBA Finals.

No. 1 — All Other NBA Kids

From Andre Igodala’s son Andre II to DeMarcus Cousins’ daughter Havana to Kyle Lowry’s sons Karter and Kameron to Dwayne Wade’s sons to Chris Bosh's clan, it’s clear that adorable kids run the NBA. Keep doing your thing, cute kids.



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