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Brandi Chastain at the 1991 Women's World Cup. (Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Brandi Chastain at the 1991 Women's World Cup. (Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Forty years ago, it changed the game for half the population. This week on Only A Game, we tell the story of how the sports bra was invented. Also, Violette Morris was a pioneering female athlete in France during the 1920s. But smoking, swearing and pants-wearing got her banned from competition — and then she became a Nazi. Plus, Willie Cooper was on track to be the first black basketball player in the ACC. Today, he's still haunted by what could have been. Join us!

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From The 'Jockbra' To Brandi Chastain: The History Of The Sports Bra

Forty years ago, Lisa Lindahl fell in love with running. But there was one problem: it was...uncomfortable. Lindahl went on to create the first modern sports bra. She shares her story with Only A Game's Karen Given.

3 Stories: 'Boogie' To New Orleans, Jameis Winston, Pie Incident

Does the DeMarcus Cousins trade give fans a new reason to watch the remainder of the NBA regular season? What should be made of Jameis Winston's latest controversy? And how can eating a pie cause you to lose a job?

The UNC Business School Student Who Almost Integrated ACC Basketball

Willie Cooper could have been the first black player on the UNC varsity basketball team. But after one year on UNC's freshman team, Cooper stopped playing. The official story is that basketball got in the way of his studies. Cooper says there's more to it.

Charlie Pierce: The Week In Sports

Karen Given and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss Tom Brady's attempts to find his missing Super Bowl LI jersey, the winners, losers or none of the above following the NBA trade deadline and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's potential new career as a sports talk show host.

Violette Morris: Pioneering Female Athlete Turned Nazi Spy

In the 1920s, Violette Morris became one of France’s first star female athletes. Then everything went horribly wrong.

This program aired on February 25, 2017.


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