What You Might Be Missing During March Madness

Colin Kaepernick is bringing aid to Somalia. (Harry How/Getty Images)
Colin Kaepernick is bringing aid to Somalia. (Harry How/Getty Images)

March Madness is upon us. For the past two weeks, the sports world has been focused on bracket busters, game-winning shots and controversial calls.

But there are other sports stories worth your attention. Here’s a few headlines you may have missed...

Colin Kaepernick And Somalia 

Kaepernick, currently an NFL free agent, announced on social media last week that Turkish Airlines agreed to fly a 60-ton cargo plane carrying food and water to Somalia.

Kaepernick, along with others, started a GoFundMe page that has raised over $2 million to aid Somalia. The quarterback received criticism last season for choosing not to stand for the national anthem.

Positive Potatoes 

Last week, every NBA starter (about 150 players) received their own personalized potato like this one given to Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside:

You may be asking why — and that's a valid question. The potatoes were delivered by a company called Potato Parcel as an interesting marketing campaign that players seemed to love.

Sidney Crosby Continues To Be...Sidney Crosby 

Sid the Kid not only scored this insane goal Tuesday night:

But the Pittsburgh Penguin captain scored his 40th goal of the season last week with a hat trick against the Florida Panthers and hockey icon Jaromir Jagr (who skated his 1,700th NHL game in this contest). This is Crosby's second season with at least 40 goals, and he is the first player to achieve the feat this season. The game marked a celebration of hockey's young and old.

First WBC Championship For U.S. 

In case you were busy preparing for the Sweet 16 games this week, Team USA has been crowned champions of the World Baseball Classic for the first time. The United States and Puerto Rico competed in the World Baseball Classic Championship (a first for both teams), and Team USA prevailed, 8-0, on Wednesday night:

So as the college basketball tournament heats up again this weekend, remember to look out for other stories in the sports world. You might be surprised what you find.



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