Littlefield: Retirement Advice From Willie Mays

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As I’ve prepared for my retirement, I’ve gotten many messages from friends, former colleagues and people I’ve met over the years. I want to share one that arrived just this week from someone I have long admired but never actually met in person.

Bill Littlefield grew up watching Willie Mays play for the New York Giants. (AP Photo)
Bill Littlefield grew up watching Willie Mays play for the New York Giants. (AP Photo)


I heard that you were retiring and that Saturday would be your last radio show. I hope that it's a happy day for you and that you will look back on your 25 years in the business with pride. I don't know what your plans are, but I can tell you that retirement may surprise you.

I thought I'd retired in 1973, when I left the Mets. I won't go through the list of things that have happened since then, but I've never really stopped working. Maybe you won't either!!

It's funny, but if you deep-down love what you do, you never really let go of it. I still work for the San Francisco Giants. I'll bet you'll do something like that — maybe you'll write, or maybe you'll be a guest on other shows or maybe you'll teach. Writing and talking might just be in your blood; like baseball is in mine.

I want to thank you for all of the wonderful things you've said and done for me over the years. You have kept memories of me out there for the older fans to be reminded of and for the younger ones to learn about, and that's a pretty good thing! It is always nice to be remembered. Plus, you tell a good story!

Well, whatever happens, make the most of your "retirement." I've enjoyed every minute of mine!!

So long, and good luck to you!

Willie Mays

Full disclosure: I’ve been communicating with Mr. Mays for the past several years via a wonderful woman named Rene Anderson, who’s been helping Willie out. She may have had a hand in the composition of that expression of best wishes and good luck.

This segment aired on July 28, 2018.


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