Double Play: Bill Plaschke's Mother's Day Tribute

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(Matthias Rietschel/AP)
(Matthias Rietschel/AP)

"She was my first reader, my first editor, even my first publisher, her weary fingers tapping out my first words in a darkened basement in the middle of the night."

(Robert Mora/Getty Images)
(Robert Mora/Getty Images)

Those are the words of Bill Plaschke, a columnist with the LA Times.

For Mother’s Day 2018, Plaschke wrote an appreciation of his mother, Mary Margaret Plaschke. This year, we’re giving it a Double Play. That’s what we call it when we turn a newspaper column into a radio drama.

To hear our radio re-imagining of Bill Plaschke's "A Timeless classic about a tireless mother — here's to you, Mary Margaret Plaschke," click the play button next to the headline at the top of the page. Thanks to our readers, Alex Ashlock and Karyn Miller-Medzon.

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This segment aired on May 11, 2019.

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