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Father's Day Show: Dale And Yogi Berra, Dad And Barkley (Plus An Update)

Yogi Berra with son Dale at the New York Yankees spring training in March 1985 in Florida. (AP Photo)
Yogi Berra with son Dale at the New York Yankees spring training in March 1985 in Florida. (AP)
This article is more than 3 years old.

Dale Berra used cocaine throughout his career as a Major League Baseball player. But when his family had had enough of his drug use, Dale's father, Yogi, showed his tough love. This Father's Day weekend on Only A Game, Dale speaks of his relationship with his Hall of Fame dad. Plus, reporter Shirley Wang updates us on life since her viral story about Charles Barkley and her father, Lin Wang. Join us!

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This program aired on June 15, 2019.


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