Scott Hamilton, Pickleball in Jail, Pete Rose's Trip To Vietnam

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Scott Hamilton performs during the 1984 Winter Olympics. (AFP/Getty Images)
Scott Hamilton performs during the 1984 Winter Olympics. (AFP/Getty Images)

Long before he won four consecutive figure skating world championships and the 1984 Olympic gold medal, Scott Hamilton was just a sickly kid, trying on skates for the first time. Also this week on Only A Game, the story of Roger BelAir, a 72-year-old who teaches the sport of Pickleball in jails and prisons. And Pete Rose tells the story of his 1967 goodwill tour to Vietnam with Joe DiMaggio. Join us!

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How Skating Helped Save Scott Hamilton
Scott Hamilton grew up going in and out of hospitals. Then he found skating. "It was the first-ever taste of self-esteem," he says.

3 Stories: Tyreek Hill, NWSL, Sun Yang
The Wall Street Journal's Rachel Bachman and The Washington Post's Jerry Brewer join Only A Game's Karen Given.

Why A 72-Year-Old Man Started Teaching Pickleball In Prisons
Roger BelAir travels the country teaching pickleball in jails and prisons.

Charlie Pierce: The Week In Sports
Karen Given and Charlie Pierce discuss the weird substitution dispute that brought a Rays-Red Sox game to a standstill. Also, Kyrie's fashion journey to Bikini Bottom.

'Stick With Me, Kid. You'll Be All Right': Pete Rose's Tour Of Vietnam With Joe DiMaggio
As an Army Reservist, Pete Rose wasn't too keen on going to Vietnam. Until he got a chance to go there with a baseball legend.

This program aired on July 27, 2019.


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