The Women of Enron

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The Enron corporate culture was one that catered to hyper-energized, testosterone-injected alpha males, according to this hour's guest, Vanity Fair writer Marie Brenner. Board meetings often resembled brawls, where people kept their jobs by sacrificing their co-workers. If you couldn't run with the pack at Enron, you would be consumed by it.
Within this glittering glass fortress were the women of Enron. They had to endure a "hotbed of hormones." An Enron vice-president openly displayed a "hottie board" on which he ranked the sexual allure of Enron women.

But Marie Brenner says that it was the women of Enron who detected the web of lies, predicted the collapse, and tipped financial analysts of Enron's impending implosion. Tonight, we take a look at the Enron women and ask, what's it like to be a minority of any kind in the corporate world?


Marie Brenner, Vanity Fair writer-at-large. Wrote a new article called "The Enron Wars" in the April issue of Vanity Fair

This program aired on February 28, 2002.


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