Susan Cheever on her book, "My Name is Bill: Bill Wilson, Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous"

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Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, was both an American success story and tragedy. Wilson was a pioneer in the field of financial market research but was often unable to pay his own bills. He was driven by a puritanical work ethic, but at times was unable to get out of bed because he was too drunk or depressed. His was a life of dramatic highs and sinkable lows.

In spite of these shortcomings and struggles, or perhaps because of them, Bill Wilson went on to help alcoholics fight their demons, and in the process, he forever changed the way society looks at addiction.

Susan Cheever, who has written with brutal eloquence about her own family's battle with alcoholism, has now written a new book about Bill Wilson called "My Name is Bill: Bill Wilson, Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous."

Hear a conversation with Susan Cheever about Bill Wilson's sobering story.


Susan Cheever, author of the new book "My Name is Bill" and columnist for Newsday.

This program aired on February 27, 2004.


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