T. Rex Marks the Spot

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photoFirst there was the movie, Jurassic Park, that imagined a world where great dinosaurs of the distant past were cloned into modern-day life, leaving a fictional scientist to worry about the consequences.

Then, last week came the public announcement that the thigh bone of a Tyrannosaurus Rex had been found with its inside soft tissue intact. The T. Rex soft tissue was found in 2003 by a team lead by renowned fossil hunter Jack Horner.

Their discovery was detailed this weekend in a paper in the journal Science. Now the whole world wonders what this new discovery may mean in an age of sophisticated genetic analysis and cloning.

Hear about the flesh of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in 21st century hands.


John Horner, professor of paleontology at Montana State University, paleontologist for The Musuem of the Rockies

Carl Zimmer, science writer, his article "Nine Questions about Dinosaurs" appears in the current issue of Discover magazine

Derek Briggs, professor of geology at Yale University

This program aired on March 28, 2005.


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