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"30 Days" with Morgan Spurlock

This article is more than 17 years old.
photoIn 2004, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock stormed onto the Hollywood scene with his hit documentary "Super Size Me." Audiences loved the drama of watching Spurlock eat his way through the entire McDonald's menu for a month and then come to grips with the devastating consequences.

This summer, Spurlock has taken the rest of America on month-long lessons of their own in the six-part TV series, "30 Days." He and his fiance live for a month on minimum wage. A devout Christian moves in with a Muslim family. A mother takes up binge drinking. They throw themselves into temporary life experiences with lasting epiphanies for the entire world to see.

Hear a conversation with Morgan Spurlock about his new series, "30 Days."


Morgan Spurlock, documentary filmmaker, "Super Size Me" and creator of the new reality TV series "30 Days."

This program aired on July 19, 2005.


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