Why Truth Matters

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photoTruth has always been under attack from liars.But now two philosophers argue that the notion of truth itself is being threatened by more sinister opposition.

It began with a cloistered, academic "relativism," they say. But now it's seeped out into the public square. Turbo-charged punditry, pervasive political spin, and a country of divided news consumers and divided values, have put our commitment to truth itself on the line.

It's time, they say, to take back truth and put it at the heart of our public debate over politics, ideas, and values. But whose truth? And do we still believe it's possible?

Hear about the pursuit of truth and why it matters in the age of spin.


Michael Lynch, author of "True to Life: Why Truth Matters."

Simon Blackburn, author of "Truth: A Guide.'

Stanley Fish, Davidson-Kahn Professor of Law and Humanities at Florida International University.

Michael Massing, author of "Now They Tell Us: The American Press and Iraq."

This program aired on August 17, 2005.


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