The Courtier and the Heretic

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When Albert Einstein was asked if he believed in God, the great 20th century scientist reached back to a 17th century philosopher for an answer. "I believe," said Einstein, "in Spinoza's God."

Baruch Spinoza was the brilliant outcast heretic who broke open the doors to modern thought with his assertion that God is, essentially, Nature. No more and no less. His great philosophical adversary was the glittering Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, defender of the old, transcendent God. They met, they fought, and the fight goes on today in the dance of humanism and faith.

Hear about Leibniz, Spinoza, and a new telling of the fate of God in the modern world.


Matthew Stewart, author of "The Courtier and the Heretic: Leibniz, Spinoza, and the Fate of God in the Modern World"

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst and Atlantic Monthly senior editor

This program aired on March 20, 2006.


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