America and the Middle East

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When Bill Kristol, neoconservative editor of The Weekly Standard, looks out on the bombing in Lebanon and rockets in Haifa, he doesn't just see Israel's war. He sees America's. It's "our war," he says, and "we should take it right on to Iran, with military strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities."

When General William Odom, former director of the National Security Agency, hears that, he cringes. Bush administration action on that kind of advice in Iraq has set the Middle East on fire, he says, and is precisely the fuel of a spreading crisis.

Kristol says "let's fight" for victory. Odom says, let's reconsider a "perverse" strategy.

Hear a conversation with William Kristol and William Odom about the American strategy in the Middle East.


Babak Dehghanpisheh, Newsweek magazine correspondent in Lebanon;
Michael Matza, Philadelphia Inquirer correspondent in Israel;
Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard;
Retired General William Odom.

This program aired on July 24, 2006.


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