Amy Sedaris' Comic Cooking

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Comedian, playwright and actress Amy Sedaris is taking on new turf in her latest outing.

She still gets called wacky, anxious, depraved, earnest and a little dangerous behind her big smile and bouncing curls. Now she's pouring all that into a new role: cookbook doyenne, entertainment maven and all around guide to cheese balls and casseroles.

Martha Stewart she is not. More like Betty Crocker meets David Lynch. The Sedaris girl from Carolina who came up through Chicago's Second City humor school and plays tag team with Stephen Colbert is ready to unleash the hostess within.

We'll go home for the holidays with comedian Amy Sedaris.


Amy Sedaris, actress and comedian and author of the new book, "I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence."

This program aired on November 10, 2006.


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